My Summer

Meet Payal, she is a young lady with complex health needs. Payal has severe learning disabilities relating to translocation of chromosomes, which means a genome abnormality in which a chromosome breaks and either the whole or a portion of it reattaches to a different chromosome. As a result of this Payal has complex health needs which she requires a team of Personal Assistants to support her with her everyday tasks within the home and to access the community. 

In 2020 Payal’s family made the decision to provide all the care required for their daughter to protect her during the pandemic. During this difficult time, it was the family’s priority to keep Payal safe and well, due to her complex health needs which placed her in a very vulnerable position. 

In 2022, when the pandemic was nearing an end, the decision was made to seek additional support for Payal to provide the care and support she required. 

Payal joined Solo Support Services in November 2022, where a team of Personal Assistants were recruited to support the family daily to meet Payal’s needs. 

Payal has a care team of 4 team members including Mum Manisha, Lisa C, Rachel and Lisa W, where between them they support Payal to enjoy her daily activities and live her best life. 

This summer the team decided it was time for Payal to start accessing the community again. With everything in place, the team and family enjoyed some trips out, including going out for walks, social outings to the coffee shop and a trip to the butterfly farm. 

Well done team, we are looking forward to seeing your next adventure.