Good news story! - AB

AB has not been out of the house since last May 2023, apart from a short stay in hospital in November. 

She has been suffering from severe anxiety about going out, doors being open and things hurting her ears due to her being diagnosed with Tinitus. 

Since Christmas, AB's PA and mum have been talking and showing AB pictures about going out and getting back to normal and doing activities she enjoys outside again. 


It has taken a lot of reassurance and repeat conversations. The GP has also tried to help and recorded her a short message that they could keep playing "come on AB you can do it”


Mum has worked hard on helping AB see the positive about going out and AB doing it for herself. 


The PA (M) has supported on more days to help out since December and has been backing mum up with the conversation and reassuring AB that it will be fine. When she goes in the PA's car, she has her music on and she is in control of it and they would not do anything with her that would hurt her ears. 


When the PA arrived on Wednesday her and mum had a bit of a joke that AB had been playing up, then all of a sudden AB appeared dressed and ready to go out. We did the 3,2,1 and opened the door and she went to where the PA had parked the car at the bottom of the street. As there was no parking near the house, she walked all the way down and got in the car. They put her music on and the PA asked "where are we going?". AB said the amusements. She asked to park on the cinema car park which the PA did, though she would normally park and walk through the town but as it was the first time out, the PA would just go along with what AB wanted. 


When they arrived, she got out the car, went straight to the lift and walked to the amusement and played the 2p machines, Air Hockey and basketball which she was really happy about and sent mum pictures. 


She had 2 games of bowling which she won. She had to have Spotify on with her music on but she enjoyed it. She tried new games where balls drop down and you have to pick the up as fast as you can. She was out of breath but had a smile on her face. 


They then went to Fletcher garden centre where she spent a lot of time with her dad before he passed away. They used to go every day to play golf. The staff made a real fuss of her as they hadn’t seen her for so long. She picked out 15 balls to play with. She really enjoyed the golf and the time spent in the park with her bubbles. 


She talked to her dad as the bubbles were going up to him in heaven. She was laughing and smiling even though you could tell she was tired she still wanted to go on. 


They then went for a drive before going home. This was a huge achievement - 7 hours in total she was out and she only phoned mum twice to tell her what she was doing. 


This has continued, it’s like she is making up for lost time trying to get all her activities in. 


She has needed reassurance that fresh air is not going to hurt her ears and it’s good for her. She is like a different person this last week 


Super proud of AB and this achievement!