Andrew and his Team

Andrew and his team recently celebrated 11 years with Solo and how partnership working can bring about a successful 'Personal Health Budget’ and true personalisation of care. Over the years with Solo, Andrew has and continues to have a dedicated team. He is supported how he wishes, surrounded by his wonderful family and is able to pursue his interests and hobbies. He told us all about his most recent newfound hobby: stock car racing as well as his recent holiday. Anna and Rosin have both been Andrew's Client Relations Manager and on visiting they were so pleased at how well Andrew is doing - it was a special visit and a testament to Andrew, his supportive family, his incredible team and everyone who has been part of the success! Thank you to Andrew, his family and all his team members for a remarkable 11 years of positivity and team work! Pictured, Andrew, his Mum and Dad, Teresa and Pete, Deputy Team Manager - Kat, Healthcare Assistant Kylie as well as Anna and Roisin - not forgetting beautiful Minnie, Andrew's beloved dog!