A trip to Stoke Mandeville Olympic Stadium.

This is Josselin, she is one of Solo’s young clients with a rare condition called CHARGE syndrome. With the diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome, this means that Josselin requires support daily to meet her needs. Josselin has faced many challenges with her health including recent surgery to have a pacemaker fitted. Josselin is registered deafblind and is a wheelchair user. She requires support with all aspects of her daily living as well as accessing the community. 

Josselin is supported by her loving family, as well as her Personal Assistant team to explore and try new experiences. Josselin has been on many adventures and has travelled to multiple countries, she enjoys going on regular cruises, as well as day trips out to the beach. Josselin’s latest trip was to the Stoke Mandeville Olympic Stadium where she was supported by her two Personal Assistants, Katie and Shane. 

Katie and Shane supported Josselin on a three-day trip to the Wheel Power National Junior Games. This event gave Josselin the opportunity to discover new sports in a welcoming and friendly environment, combining taster sessions with coaching to try new games and sports whilst safely being supported, encouraged and enabled to live her best life by Katie and Shane. 

Josselin was given the opportunity to try Badminton, Botcha, Archery, Cricket, Swimming as well as trying out two different styles of handcycles (bikes). 

This event gave Josselin the opportunity to meet current Paralympians who supported with the activities during this event. Well done, Josselin, Katie and Shane, we are looking forward to seeing your next adventure.